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Netizen is a mobile application that brings the voting record of your congressional representative to your finger tips, directly from your mobile phone. Simply select the Member of Congress you want to follow and "flick through" their voting record. Information about each member’s voting record is stored in our cloud-based servers and is updated daily.

But don't just follow how your representative is voting in congress, make your voice heard: By clicking on the "Like It" button on the mobile application, you can influence your friends and neighbors about the bill through the power of social networking. For each bill, Netizen automatically provisions a Facebook page dedicated to your member of congress. This page acts almost as a virtual ballot for a bill as well as a community hub where fellow constituents can gather to express their support.

Not using a mobile device? No problem! Simply point your browser to the addresses listed below:

To get a list of represenatatives for the state of Virginia, use this address:


To view the recent votes cast by the representative from Virginia 11th district, use this address:


To view the Facebook page for the Bill H.R.4853 and Virginia 8th District, use this address:


At Netizen, we believe in harnessing the power of the Net to make our democratic processes more efficient. Together we can make a difference!